Virtual DJ 2018-build-4720

Mix a range of music with ease right from your computer for everyone to enjoy

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Virtual DJ 2018-build-4720
Virtual DJ Free Home Edition 7.4.1

Virtual DJ provides a vast array of tools for DJs, and it does so from an entirely virtual console. The software is ideal for advanced consumers or budding professionals, and it provides the optimal middle ground for DJs of varying skill levels.

Not only is this software an excellent option for music mixing, but it also has an integrated sampling mechanism and sound effects generator. If you opt for the full paid version, it comes with downloadable tracks that can help you create a musical foundation for your DJ skills.

To satisfy the needs of a wide range of users, Virtual DJ is available in five versions. Each successive version includes slightly more functionality than the last. This way, you can start with the beginner level and work your way up to the professional level.

The software comes with many separate decks, preloaded sound effects, beat matching, tone control algorithms, pitch control, EQ, beat lock engine, and many, many more functions.

The UI of Virtual DJ is meant replicate the appearance of an actual DJ mixing console. Even with such a realistic interface, it can be difficult to seamlessly use all the features without actual switches and knobs. Thankfully, there are numerous digital controllers that work with Virtual DJ. However, it's important to remember that the LE version of the app only works with the physical controller it comes with. The free version of the five options, the Home version, will work with any compatible controller, but you're limited to using the physical controller for only 10 minutes at a time.

The variety in the available tiers of this app help you find exactly what you need to improve your skills and reach the next level. Virtual DJ Home is the ideal option for those with even a small amount of experience mixing.

Virtual DJ LE not only comes with a physical controller, but it includes external sound cards as well. This version is ideal for those with moderate experience who want to master the basics.

Beyond Virtual DJ LE and Home, three paid editions are also available. They vary mostly in control mapping and support of different hardware. The three paid options for this app are Virtual DJ Pro Full, Virtual DJ Pro Basic, and Virtual DJ Broadcaster.

The great thing about Virtual DJ is that it's suitable for DJs of all levels. It might offer greater benefits to those who are just starting out and can get by with the free version since that version still contains a uniquely high number of advanced features for a free piece of software.

This might not be the only virtual music mixing console app on the market, and there are definitely others that compare to Virtual DJ in terms of functionality. However, the free version of this software runs perfectly and offers a smooth transition from real-world to digital consoles.


  • Built-In Effects Sampler
  • Professional, Intermediate, or Beginner Use


  • Sizable Learning Curve

Virtual DJ is a professional grade digital DJ program that can be installed on your personal computer. It enables you to mix, blend and sample your own digital music. Used by world-renowned DJs, this program is meant to put full mixing power into your hands. It is used best with DJ mixing midi-devices to allow for greater control. However, this is far from required, as the interface allows for easy point-and-click maneuvering of the surface controls.


The layout is top-notch and resembles that of the standard mixing devices that are used by all DJs. Multiple channels allow the DJ to mix up to four decks simultaneously to blend each track with precision and harmony. The wave forms are clearly readable and allow the DJ to cue the mix as needed with each rise and drop in the wave, which represents the "groove" of a record. There also are various ways to customize Virtual DJ. This includes what components are displayed all the way to the ability to change the aesthetics of the layout by changing the complete look using various skins.


Digital mixing software will always cause controversy among purists and new DJs alike. It can be argued that mixing using such software is considered to be "cheating". It is said that the usability of such programs enable those without any skill to perform at similar levels as their professional counterparts. One thing is certain, though - Virtual DJ is very easy to use. Track placement is quickly achieved by using drag-and-drop methods. However, processing tracks can be rather slow as the program scans the file to check its BPM, time and key. That information is then placed on the screen allowing the DJ to mix accordingly. Features like BPM measures and auto-sync allow the DJ to mix at a push of a button.


Virtual DJ comes pre-loaded with a handful of effects to enhance your mix. You can also load up pre-set third-party VST effects that customize your experience even more. You can choose to play in "Scratch" mode that affects the sensitivity of the control wheels in order to simulate the scratching of a record. Virtual DJ is also quite versatile and allows for the use of MIDI controllers. Assigning the controls is very easy in comparison to similar programs. After assigning the controls, you can save the settings for reference and easier set-up.

Karaoke and Video

Unlike other DJ software programs, Virtual DJ allows support for karaoke files and video mixing. This is achieved without the use of extra equipment. Mixing video and karaoke is done using only the computer with multiple video outlets and works fluidly with your computer's video card.

Overall Summary

Virtual DJ is a great free program that is ready to play right "out-of-the-box". Purchasing a license will unlock a multitude of other features of this already great program. The only significant downside is that it tends to tax your computer's resources and is prone to occasional glitching.


  • Great layout
  • Customizable
  • MIDI controllable


  • Latency glitches
  • Heavy resource use
  • Long track loading

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